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Frankston Victoria Australia
"Also I thought I might upgrade the quality from plastic resonators to brass, What do you think?"

I think this part of my question was missed by some.
so i thought It might be worhy of it own thread

So if I were to do a total upgrade of my pads and resonators from plastic to say brass can I assume it would give my sax a completely new sound.
Bearing in mind Ive got an intermediate sax "YTS 575 allegro "
Plastic resonators aren't necessarily poor quality. Selmer used them on their MkVIs for instance. I wouldn't use brass unless it's plated - stainless is probably better, less corrosion. I'd guess that plastic resonators are lighter than metal, so will have less inertia and lead to a lighter faster action. Whether you'll notice any difference is moot. Same goes for sound. And if you want to get fancy there are domed, flat, fluted/corrugated ones available, not to mention the different finishes.
I don't think the material make any differences to the sound. A sax with resonators/reflectors makes the saxophone louder. And if you use resonators that are bigger (oversized ) you get an even louder sax. So plastic, silver, nickel doesn't make any difference. Maybe the shape of the resonators (conical, domed flat) ...... ?????

IMO, the material makes differences to the pads. A pad with sterling silver resonators last longer compared to pad with nickelplated resonators. I have ResoTech sterling silver resonators on most of my Martins. No problems with corrosion. I have never changed any pads that have ResoTechs. And the ResoTech are mounted with a screw on the backside so you can use them over and over. Expensive. but I think it's worth it!


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