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Plastic mouthpiece question


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I have an oldr sax that was bought for me many years ago. Has been in "storage" (the closet) for many years. It is an Evette Buffet Crampon Alto Sax. When I took it out of the case and started to put it together I noticed that the mouthpiece looked like it had a tiny hairline crack in it where the reed end lines up with it. my question is should I replace the mouthpiece because of this crack? Will this crack have an affect on the sound that is produced? And what should I replace it with if I do have to replace it. I am a beginner so I would more than likely need something for first time sax players. There is no number on it, but the opening is pretty big. Thanks for any help with this.

There are far more quailified people than me and they will probably be along soon enough however in the mean time, 1st off I would suggest replacing it simply on a hygene point of view, as this crack will harbour bacteria which you will continually be placing in your mouth.
If that's not convincing enough then maybe the possibility that it could interfere on a resonance point of view and could effect your sound. No point creating hurdles before you start!

As far as a replacement is concerned take a look at Yamaha 4c, these are a beginners mouthpiece that will do just fine and are available for around £25.

Hope that helps, good luck.

Rgds Lee.
All depends - the mouthpiece may not sound quite right. Also depends whether it is a good mouthpiece, or just a poor one that came free with the sax. If it does not play well - do let us know - then I would certainly recommend getting a new one - I would recommend a Bari Esprit II which I reviewed recently, asnd thought very highly of - only costs £14 or so:

Kind regards
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Barry, uncle Tom is somewhat of an authority on all things saxy! He's kindly given me no end of solid advice and I would seriously consider his suggestions as it will save you time and money!
When I answered yesterday I couldn't remember the brand that he has suggested at the time, as he once suggested the same to me.
I think lots of people sugest yamahas as they are all the more common and I think people expect them to be a safer bet, but when you consider the Bari Tom has suggested is virtually half the price and I believe Tom stands by them as he uses them.

Tom, hope you don't mind me putting my bit in, but you've been very helpful to me and it's good to pass that on if I can.

Rgds Lee.
I feel the love.....................................................................:thumb:! If you read SAXPA's review of the Bari Esprit II I think it says a lot:


Thanks Tom

Received the Bari Esprit this morning so thought i'd give it a quick blow for 10 mins, dont really know what i expected from this MP but it sure as hell surprised me with what i got.

Playing it against my- Semer s80 c**, Meyer 5m, and Rico metalite.

Reeds- Vandoren no2.5 blue box, Rico select jazz 2m , Hemke no2 and Legere studio cut no2

Ligature- Rovner dark, Rovner light and a 2 screw metal

result was firstly my 10 mins turned into 2 hours- i tried various combinations of reed and lig but found myself coming back to the Hemke, and Legere reeds and the rovner light lig. I was amazed at the flexibility of this mp it can be pushed when needed and can still be very expressive .

I would say for classical it more than holds its own against the £100.00 Selmer c**,which is my main mp

for Jazz etc its not a Meyer but I actually prefer the sound i got out of the Bari ,but that could be just me.

To summarise for classical /blues i found the Bari on par or maybe slightly better than the selmer using the Hemke reed and rovner light lig.
for jazz i would also choose the Bari usig the Legere reed and rovner light lig, i have my lesson tonight so i will also get my teachers opinion and will let you know her thoughts on it, i am certainly impressed with what is actually classed as a student MP so it looks like i will be buying one of these ASAP.
ps used on my mauriat Le Bravo.

once again cheers Tom"

I rate it very highly as a student mouthpiece - better than the Yamaha, Rico Graftonite and others.

Kind regards
Given how cheap some mouthpieces are I think you should start with a new one, especially if the crack goes near your mouth. Teachers all seem to like the Yamaha 4c and the Clark Fobes "Debut". Both of these are affordable. Have fun.


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