Saxophones Pics from NAMM

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First pic, anyone know what this is
That's really hard :rofl:
Er, looks like nothing got uploaded.

I'll keep trying
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Er, looks like nothing got uploaded.

I'll keep trying
Or this


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Whatever they are they are beautiful, did you resist buying :)

A new kind of Harley Exhaust for Jazz Fans ? ........... :rofl:


Limoges or Meissen model?

Is it for coffee or tea?

This has to take one of the crowns in the Kitsch section. If this is the state of the “ art” in saxophone country we are really in dire straits.:doh:

I was hoping to see some signs of recovery, these look more like signs of desperate attempts to do something new to something old.

Can anyone think of what this crockery model would look like a few years down the line?

Would it show crazing and cracks?

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Was the first photo a Cannonball? And the ceramic was a Clarence Cliff I believe, pre war and part of a set.
Clarence.....Clarice let’s not being fussy about this.........although, if it were British, I would call this thing more a Royal Doulton
Thank you Milandro! Was obviously excited and thinking about a cross eyed lion!
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