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Dear all,
I'm moving and need to reduce the stuff I'm carrying. Please consider this thread closed after the end of February 2013.

a) Yamaha CP33 - bought in April 2012, so about 10 months of light usage at home. In perfect order. Will come with original box, manual, cubase cd, pedal. Additional things include the double crossbar stand and a MIDI-USB Adaptor. £650 OBO, pickup from London, United Kingdom, only; around the corner from warren street tube. I have a few teach-yourself-piano books to go along with it.

b) M-Audio Oxygen 49. USB Only Midi Controller. Very lightly used. £55 OBO, prefer to pickup from london - it's quite big- can check if you want it posted. Oh, it includes the matching M-audio SP-2 pedal as well.

c) AKG 240 MKII reference headphones. Only used during recording, mixing and piano practice. Semi open, very comfortable. Pretty detailed, but most neutral of my collection. Comes with all the original stuff; two cords, mini to quarter adapter, extra pads etc. £55 OBO

d) Shure SM57. I don't need to describe this, right? £55 OBO + shipping

e) Heil PR31BW dynamic. This is the mic I used to record all my newer saxophone recordings on my soundcloud (Example 1, Example 2). It is surprisingly hot for a dynamic mic. £200.00 shipped to uk.

f) Mackie Onyx Blackjack. This is the audio interface I use with the Heil PR31. Works very well on OSX and Ubuntu - plug and play. I don't use windows, so please check the asio driver situation there. It comes with the box. Two inputs, 60+db of gain. I can track using only 64 buffers in Logic with no pops - a light algo reverb (i use Audio Damage's EOS when tracking) works pretty well too. £80 OBO + shipping.

5% to Pete's charity!


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