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As some of you know, we got a piano recently to enable my daughter to have lessons.
I have been trying to teach's slow and painful for the listeners, but I think I'm doing OK.

I thought I'd post a recording of my daughter - no editing, a few mistakes and a couple of comments along the way, but I think she's doing OK (for no lessons!)
That was brilliant - (even with mistakes) for someone who hasn't had lessons too! sounds like she's pedalling really well (which is tricky!) and everything flows smoothly and she plays with great feeling :welldone
What Laura said (although I know absolutely nothing about pedalling unless it's a pushbike). She sounds like she knows what she's doing. Very nice indeed.

Like you I've tried teaching myself but my hands don't work together - slow and painful, indeed. I had a couple of lessons from my old neighbour and did improve but sadly we moved :( and now I don't bother unless I want to hear a chord progression.

I'm sure she'll be great in no time at all (already sounds great to me)

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