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Piano for beginners


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I've got a digital piano that I have liberated from leaning against the wall where it had an unfulfilling life and I have just ordered a stand for it.

My intention is to have it available to assist me in my musical education, the sax is very much my primary instrument but I'd like, and think it would be useful, to have a rudimentary knowledge of the piano as well. Actually it'd be quite nice to be able to play a tune or two on it but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Could anyone suggest a good beginners book to get me underway?



Phil Edwards

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East Sussex
I bought this one to do the same as you are.

The thing I liked about it was it gets you into playing chords straight away which is what I was trying to get my head around. Too many others that I've seen play single-finger pieces for ever and never introduce chords.

It has some bad reviews but for what I need it has done the job. Perhaps if I get further into it I'll find limits but I have no aspiration to be a piano player, just wanted to get to grips with some basics so I could use a keyboard to help with chord tones and improvising.


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