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Phil-tone Solstice Mouthpiece for sale


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Montreal, QC, Canada.
This mouthpiece is actually on trial by one of the cafe saxophone members, but I've put a thread to keep things transparent. £80.00, with 5% donation if the sale goes, if not I'll update the thread for the next person interested.
Hi Bodak,
I don't dislike it - it's just doesn't work for me - as with every other baffled mouthpiece I've tried :)
Hi Andrew, yes, this is an alto piece.
@Brian: The Solstice I got is 0.071 tip opening.
Hi Bodak,
I don't dislike it - it's just doesn't work for me - as with every other baffled mouthpiece I've tried :)

Last week I bought a Phil-Tone alto mouthpiece from eBay here in the UK. The model isn't marked but I believe it is the Solstice, having had some information from the maker, through information he gave me.

The Solstice used to be called the 'West Coast'. It (and mine) are low baffle mouthpieces, almost flat. It's got a great sound and plays very nicely. I prefer a bit more brightness and edge.

Low baffle is still a baffle :)

Could we not post in for-sale threads non-sale related questions please? Very much obliged.
Sorry rule me out the tip opening is too close for me.


It is Gallen's mouthpiece and he says he has a 0.071" tip opening. They are all custom made by Phil Engleman so the tip opening is a matter of individual choice. I have a 0.076" Solstice and this is also the default size if NO preference is made when ordering. When I posted I was making an assumption that it was default size. Hope this helps.

Hi Gallen,

I hope you don't mind answering a few questions for me, is the mouthpiece still on trial? or is it for sale?
And what condition is it in? Any photos?

I may be interested, I was wanting to try a smaller alto piece but was thinking of more a of meyer type, I'm a little confused about what the ”West Coast” school of sound is, so I'm doing a bit or research.

All the best,

Hey Chris,
Yes, the mouthpiece is actually on its way back to me, but I have someone else I need to contact next in line. It is near mint, I played it for only a few hours, if that. I'll try to get photos when it's back in my hands again.

Sale and donation complete. Thread can be closed, thanks!
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