Mouthpieces Phil-Tone Equinox Reviewed

As we've just passed the winter and summer solstice, isn't the Equinox a trifle premature?
Hey Hey BBJ!

Phil does produce excellent mouthpieces, which I use on both Tenor (Eclipse) and Alto (Aurora and Solstice) for all music apart from more Rock/Funk/Contemporary stuff.
Hey Tom! So you're saying the Eclipse doesn't quite cut the snuff for the bright/loud/electric settings?
Hi Ben!

Personally I think it is a very versatile mouthpiece, but would prefer the Saxscape Downtown or Mouthpiece Cafe House Blend for such stuff. I offer no guidance beyond that.

Kind regards
I have had an Equinox 7* for a while now and really like it - just has a more contemporary tone than the Eclipse - the Link Buster! Have you reviewed the Equinox D or the Isotope yet?
Cool, man. I don't think I've played either of those yet. I might have to look into it...


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