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I spoke to Pete about extending this offer and making members of the Cafe aware of the sale.

It's been a while since I ran a special. I've been as bit too busy and couldn't manage the added work. Since I am home bound and still recovering from an accident it seemed like a good time.

The standard price for this alto piece is $225.00 plus shipping. See my webpage at phil-tone dot com

This is a preorder sale so turnaround time will be a little longer than my normal two weeks...plus I can only make quality pieces so fast.

I'm not going to make outlandish claims that this sounds exactly like a vintage Meyer but I have played them next to their grandparents and they most certainly hold their own. They blow the lid off modern off the shelf Meyers. They, of course play and respond well, but they also have a richness that is simply absent in shelf models.

These sale price is 195.00 plus shipping.

Quantities are limited...I only have so many fingers.

You may contact me through my site phil-tone dot com and go to the contact page.

the easiest way is to use email: phil-tone at hotmail dot com

The sale will end this weekend...possibly before the end. Slots are going fast



I forgot, worldwide shipping from the US is $15.00


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