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Phil Barone Vintage Tenor sax

Fraser Jarvis

Well-Known Member
Hi all, am selling this sax now as i rarely ever play it now that i have the selmer.

I bought it new directly from Phil Barone in December 2009, it's been played quite a lot since then but has never needed any work of any kind doing and still plays great.

Condition wise i guess it's more or less as new apart from a few spit marks here and there that a bit of polish soon takes care of, no dents or scratches whatsoever and comes in it's original case with an H&W pad saver.

The finish is whats called "vintage bare brass" in other words bare brass that has been treated with some kind of chemical to give it an aged appearance, there is no lacquer with this finish.

Looking for £800+ postage (UK ONLY) feel free to PM me. DSCF3069.jpg DSCF3068.jpg DSCF3067.jpg DSCF3066.jpg DSCF3070.jpg

Fraser Jarvis

Well-Known Member
Nobody? Just to add anyone who is interested is more than welcome to come and give it a blow.

Pete, maybe a golden opportunity for you to get your hands on a Barone?


Try Hard Die Hard
Hi Fraser

Just read a review on SOTW.....WOW....that guy rally rates it and he's some one with experience.I have to say I'm very tempted myself but I have to stop these gas attacks, I keep thinking maybe it's the one that will make me fall in love with the Tenor.I'm a bit surprised nobody's snatching your hand off.....All the best...john

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