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Saxophones Peter Jessens handmade saxes.


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Here is a link to the dane Peter Jessen, Copenhagen. He is making saxes as they were made in the old days. He is building alto, tenor and G mezzosopran. Also mouthpieces and necks. I think the keywork on the alto and tenor is made by another firm. He has his workshop in central Copenhagen near Kongens Nytorv.

peter jessen

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I realise that is probably my Mac and the cataracts but is that a dialect of the English language?
His site is very interesting. I loved the Videos and also thought the Mezzo-Soprano horn a worthy project. I wonder what a curved one would be like>:)?
I would love to have one of those G mezzos to sit in between my R&C saxello-style soprano and my Keilwerth straight alto. I know that they are rare and expensive, so that will have to stay as a dream.

Any experience of his mouthpieces, necks or other saxes ?

I don't know the price of the Mezzo-soprano but the price for a tenor silver with goldplated keys was 40 000 d k k ( £ 3700.00) the other year. Best way if you want a neck is to visit him in the workshop and bring your sax. He prefer this way so the neck fit perfect. Maybe he ship as well?

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