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Pete King/ Jerry Bergonzi in Leeds

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Tickets are now available for two sax giants in October at The Venue Leeds College of Music. Pete King Trio on October 30th at 7.30, Jerry Bergonzi on Octber 29th 7.30.
Also both doing Masterclasses between 3-5.00. Tickets £14 each concert, Masterclass £7, or 1 day ticket including both £18. Bargain or what?
Box office No 0113 222 3434.
Can only get to the Pete King Concert worst luck.
Hope this is of interest (!)


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I say the Pete King Quartet last night in Llangollen. What a stunning player. He must be knocking on a bit now as well but boy can those fingers move.

"Lush life" solo was mega twiddly and fast, and "the World of Trane" was brilliant.

At the interval Pete was walking past me when a woman stopped him and said " Are you Peter?" to which he answered yes, she then said, alluding to the music, " oh that was fine, but do you play any jazz blues ?" to which he answered calmly " yes, but not with this band " and walked off.... Brilliant bloke responding with pleasantness and decorum to an insulting and ignorant woman !

Hope he comes back here sometime


Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Hi Chadders

The Pete King gig was on Saturday night and I wasn't disappointed. Pete played brilliantly and the band was as tight as the proverbial duck's. It was good to see Steve Melling again on piano. This man is a collossus, shades of Mccoy Tyner with so much rhythmic drive it's frightening. Saw him last with Alan Skidmore's Coltrane band.
Only one real complaint; new drummer Mr Fletcher, can't remember his first name, was a bit full on and tended, in the first set, to dominate things. Don't get me wrong he's a fine drummer with plenty of textures and tricks, but I went to hear Pete King. How many drum solos must a man endure....

Second set was better with a better mix all round, played Lush life and World of Trane which as you say was brilliant.
I was a bit concerned that Pete was sitting out quite a bit and before Lush Life Melling asked if he was ok. Hope he's not ailing.
He is getting on a bit but the standard of the playing was world class.
If I still played alto I think it would be in the skip now.
Get to see Pete King if you can you won't regret it.

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