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Flutes etc. Penny whistles.

Stephen Howard

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Met some new folks down the pub recently, and under the influence of a certain amount of alcohol I agreed to take up the mantle of a flute/whistle player in an informal folk ensemble.
To be honest I'm kinda excited about it - it'll be a big departure from my usual scene, and is likely to become quite a social gathering rather than the usual bunch of disparate folk that seem to make up most of the bands I work with.

Now, I have a VERY nice low D whistle (a Howard no less...though no relation), but my soprano D is a no-name jobby...and I have a sneaky feeling it's a bit crap. The tuning around the top C#/D is 'interesting' and it gets a bit chirpy between mid D-G. It could be me, of course, but I feel I've blown enough woodwinds down the years to know the difference between fighting myself and fighting an instrument.

So...anyone here play the penny whistle? Got any recommendations for a soprano D that won't set me back an arm, a leg and a kidney?


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We really must have a video of this "folk ensemble" when you perform with them.

I am reminded of this quote by Louis Armstrong: “All music is folk music. I ain't never heard a horse sing a song.”
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