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Miscellaneous Paul Stark Catalogue from 1893 & Some Very Unusual Sax-Related Instruments


The article that I published today on my weblog is about some pages from an antique catalogue from the Paul Stark company from Markneukirchen, Germany. Although not stated anywhere in the materials, it seems that the company was a distributor of musical instruments of all kinds, and not a manufacturer.

The pages that I have from this particular catalogue feature Evette & Schaeffer saxophones, but more importantly, they contain images and information about some very rare and very unusual saxophone relatives. Horns like the octavin, ophicleide, and the rarest of all: the Georgeophone, AKA, the "curved baritone", that was made by Pélisson Brothers.

I've illustrated the article with photos wherever possible, giving the you a bit of a better sense of what these instruments looked like.

If you like knowing the history of truly rare, vintage horns, then I hope you enjoy today's article...helen
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