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Hi All,

I'll post as a wanted in the yard sale too but I wondered if anyone can help? Our little band has a gig in July and one in August and I've volunteered to find some saxophone quartet parts and perhaps some small band stuff for about 9/10 players (big band instruments so the usual, trumpet, sax, rhythm etc)

Does anyone have any music they are able to email, lend me or even sell at a reasonable price? We are looking for jazzy numbers, perhaps some bluesy stuff or any nice arrangements that would sound good at a packed out marquee gig!

Grade 5+ standard I guess but we are all capable players so I suppose you can't really put a target level on music, any music is good if it's played well :)

Thank you in advance if anyone is willing to help
Here's a couple of sites you might try. Be aware though, free music are free and you might not necessarily like everything there. (This one is really nice but demands a certain experience on the instruments)

Free sheet music for Saxophone quartet - Download PDF, MP3 & MIDI (All from dead easy to difficult, some are really nice, some are ehhhh..... not to my liking...)

Happy hunting :)
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Songs like "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" (Joe Zawinul), "Listen Here" (Ed Harris), "Last Night" (Mar-Keys), "Comin' Home Baby" (E. Hagen) ..... are nice songs for big band. Often played with open solos, so everyone can blow a solo.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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