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Parkers Band and Do it Again


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Listening to Steely Dans Do it Again today I was struck by the brilliant electric sitar solo in the middle of the song. From the rhythm and melody of this solo I could imagine it being played on a Sax.

Its as if Denny Dias (the sitar player) has taken an existing Charlie Parker sax solo and transposed it into the middle of this song. Is this the case or have I just gone sax stir crazy?

Andrew Sanders

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Hi Chadders
One of my favourite Steely tunes. I don't quite see the Parkeriness in the solo though, good as it is.

Greg Strange

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'Parker's Band' is a tune on the Steely Dan album 'Pretzel Logic'. Legendary (or should that be infamous?) L.A. session drummer, Jim Gordon, plays double drums along with the then up and coming (now late) session drummer Jeffrey Porcaro. Towards the end of the tune dueling bebop alto saxes in stereo appear, I think played by Ernie Watts and Jerome Richardson. Wilton Felder also plays bass on the album. 'Do It Again' appears on the first (or is it second) album 'Can't Buy A Thrill'. Maybe Denny Dias with his Coral electric sitar was probably influenced by Coltrane along with the likes of Roger McGuinn (the Byrds) and Ray Manzarek (the Doors)?
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