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North Lancs
Has anyone come across Paris saxes, clarinets or flutes?
I bought one of their sopranos from a local dealer a few years ago when I needed one in a hurry. I tried various others includind Yanni, Selmer, Yamaha. I don't know if it was a fluke but the Paris felt and sounded the best to me. The only place I have seen them for sale or advertised is at this particular dealer who told me that the saxes and flutes were made by a group of ex Yamaha techs and the clarinets made in England, I think by Hanson, but that could be wrong. I've not seen them mentioned on this site and just wondered if anyone else knows them and has an opinion.
Not come across them, but there are two things that concern me a bit about their web site. First is their branding - why use the word Paris when they appear to have about as much connection with Paris as I have. Secondly, more significantly, I am always mistrustful of web sites which have no contact details on them. Who do you contact if there is something wrong?
Assuming these are standard chinese saxes,and there's nothing to indicate otherwise, they're rather expensive... I agree with Jon's comments. But... Guesswork on my part, though.

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