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Packy Axton and Don Nix - Mar-Keys


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Some great stuff on almost any of their records. They were basically the Stax house band - so think Booker T and the MGs plus two great tenor payers.
The saxplayers in the beginning were Packy Axton(ts) and Don Nix (bs). Both Axton and Nix left Mar Keys and Andrew Love became the new saxplayer. He played along with Axton and they were both on tenor. Later Mar Keys split up and Andrew Love(ts), Floyd Newman (he played the bari on King Curtis records "Memphis Soul Stew", "I've Been Loving You Too Long", "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby" ...) & Wayene Jackson formed the famous horn section Memphis Horns, that later became a duo. Wayne Jackson were playing trumpet/trobone with the Mar Keys and also in Memphis Horns. Andrew Love pased away on 12th of April this year. R.I.P.

Thanks Thomsax - I was vaguely aware of who they were and how it all shifted around. I stumbled across them after reading Duck Dunn's obituary.

But cool music that anyone would enjoy but with a lot of great improvisation.

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