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Saxophones P.Mauriat PMB 300DK baritone


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With all this talk of new saxophones it was only a matter of time before this GAS bit again:shocked:
Just picked up a P.Mauriat PMB 300DK Baritone this afternoon.So it looks like I joined the same club as Taz.The sax is great, lovely vintage finish and a really nice sound, paired it with an " Otto Link 6 tone edge mpc"

Hopefully some sound clips and pics to follow


You lucky lucky man you! :mrcool
Have fun with it, it's one hell of a beast but with a bit of care and time, you'll have it purring like a little kitten
I can't wait for those sound clips ;}
I looked one up on the net, very nice indeed :)

Nice one Chris! Looking forward to hearing the sound clips and seeing some Pics!

BTW I'm thinking of just getting a H2 or H4 to record myself! It seems idiot proof, which is one of my major requirement these days :)))
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