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Wellington, New Zealand
I've been trialling the Le Bravo over the weekend and fallen in love so I'm going to take the plunge and buy it tomorrow. It's very exciting as it's my first upgrade having battled with a cheap alto for many years while I've been learning. I'm still learning and about an intermediate level.

I haven't had the opportunity to try many other horns in the past so I didn't realise how good I could sound! Of course, I'm still not sounding as amazing as I'd like to but at least I now know that with the Mauriat any tonal issues are pretty much me and not the horn and therefore can improve. I've tried a few others altos recently (once I decided to upgrade) - Yamaha YAS62, Yanigsawa 901, others, but I just love the rich full tone of the Le Bravo.

I just wanted to share it with you guys - this forum is so supportive, I know you'll understand my excitement. Does anyone else have a Le Bravo?
Lucky you! I'd love to try the tenor version of one of those. What mouthpiece will you use with it?

I don't have a le Bravo, but can definitely understand your excitement:w00t::w00t:
Hi Little My
Thanks for your reply. I've got a Selmer C* (S80) and a Rico H-ligature which I've been pretty happy with (but I'm open to any other recommendations).

There's a great vid on YouTube from a talented NZ player demonstrating some Mauriats with a couple of other altos if anyone's interested:

I found it great confirmation that I'm buy a quality sax. Maybe one day I can make it sound like that :)

We had a mini CaSLM Nosh 'n' Blow yesterday and young Colin brought along his standby TJ alongside his Mauriat. Listening to Rune and Colin playing both of them, the Mauriat sounded better with much more grunt in the lower reaches. Anyone like to present an OAP with a Mauriat baritone?

In the meantime, if yours sounds anything like Col's, just sit back and enjoy the envy.
Not blew the Le Bravo as yet but for me all the mauriats i have blew they were all amazing sounding,they all got that fat,deep,lush thing going on,they cant be beat for that.Intonation is also there thing,monster sax's.
Go for it mate ... It's good to feed your need ... *Grin*
I do understand your excitement.
So, how's it going with the new saxophone? Are you still in love?
I do understand your excitement.
So, how's it going with the new saxophone? Are you still in love?

Yes, I still love it although I've found a couple of minor issues as I've played it more. The side of the left thumb rest digs into my thumb, and it's much heavier than my old alto so my right thumb gets very tired pushing it away from my body. I'm having to adjust how I hold it a bit to try minimise these problems.

No problem with the sound though - it's sweet!

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