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Overtone Breakthrough or Just Luck?



About 2 months ago re-started the sax after about 18 months without playing much. Before I stopped was working on the overtone exercises in "How to develop a personal saxophone tone" by Dave L.

I've always found it easier to work down the overtones rather than up and could do root + 2 overtones on Bb, B, C, C#, D starting on the 2nd overtone and working down, and then can get the first overtone going back up.

When I re-started (after the 18 month break) I found I could get the 3rd overtone on Bb and B as well and then tonight, without much effort, found I could go up to the 2nd overtone on Bb and B without much effort... Never even got near it before so it was a shock... Tried it 3 times then decided to put the sax down just in case it stopped... :shocked:

A breakthrough or just luck??? only time will tell I guess. I had just finished some subtone drills which were also much better than normal. Weird...
I always find you can get stuck in a rut in whatever you do.

It is always easier if you are not too focused on the task in hand

It is a bit like when you are playing pool. You find it hard to pot the balls because you are too focused and there is a lot at stake. When the game is over and there are a few balls left on the table you pot them all on after the other with little thought or effort.

We all wish we could play like this. Both pool and the sax


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