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Over The Rainbow


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Løten, Norway
It is rumoured that somewhere, somewhere over the rainbow, there is a faint possibility of skies being blue. And if the dreams that you dare to dream somehow really do come true then the rubbish weather we have had this summer and autumn is just a figment of somebody else's imagination. It has therefore, by default, been great... possibly...

Anyway, a streaming version: Over The Rainbow

And if mittnettsted still has an ill repute it is also to be found on Microsoft' SkyDrive. It is not a streaming site (means you have to download before listening): Some of my mp3 files on Microsoft SkyDrive
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Very nice..:thumb:

Very smooth. It's a truly great performance to be sure.

Thanks for the downloadable files. I'm on dial-up here and so streaming doesn't work very well for me. I'm currently downloading "Can you feel the love tonight" for alto sax. I'll be able to listen to that one too in about 20 minutes.
Heaven has no broadband?
That's why it's heaven. There is a higher heaven where there is no internet at all so you can get on with your life (or, er, death, I suppose). :w00t:
You have avoided that dreaded honk that puts me off the alto, well done, nice rendition. I think you may have been a bit close to the mic though as lower notes come through much louder indicating to me that your mic was pointed into the bell; just a thought.

Nice though. :thumb:

Sounds just as good down under too mate.
Well done.
Done with such elegance. I love bars 53-55, I never could play that to my satisfaction, I was always too late, too early, too heavy, or all of the above at the same time! And you lightly dance over that section with just the right emphasis.

Well done, another great recording.

All the best,

gorgeous tone throughout.... lovely.....
Very very nicely played. I really enjoyed listening to your whole performance. Smooth is a word that comes to mind.
Love your playing on this. Smooth, relaxed, lots of feeling.
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