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Our Latin cover of "This Love" by maroon 5

[FONT=&quot]Who cares if it's in the right place! Lovely fresh sound. I like the juxtaposition of the polished sound with the casual atmosphere, especially the Bass/Pianist with the baby strapped on for the ride. Only weak point is the flute that's not quite at the same level of playing as all the rest. Lovely clean recording with an excellent Latin groove, not to hot, not too cold...just right. [/FONT]
Hey Jay, that sounds like fun well done!!!

A very enjoyable listen throughout and all concerned are to be congratulated, especially the baby who I expected to double on fortissimo howling. This is definitely one combo to look out for!

Many thanks for brightening a dreary morning.

Love it! Love it! all the instruments and voices blend so well together! Love it!
WOW! besides being an excellent rendition of the song, making it very fresh yet giving it a very vintage kind of vibe the video production was stellar!
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