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Our first serious public performance


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The Malverns, Worcs
Hi all,
my sax quartet played our first serious public performance last night.
We have done a few village fetes and old people's homes, but this was a concert for a local choir, who invited us as special guests. We waived our fee, as it was for Canine Partners, and we had a really good time.

Although I was really nervous ahead of the first piece, it all seemed to settle into place in the first few bars, and obviously our rehearsals paid off, as I felt quite comfortable, quite quickly.

You should recognise most pieces...
I get a bari solo in the first piece of part 2, otherwise (not surprisingly) I am mainly walking bass.

DeadAudiolink Removed

DeadAudiolink Removed


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Norfolk, UK
Listening right now Mandy ... :thankyou:

Sounds really good ... :thumb:

You guys seem to have really got it all together really well ...
Bet you all looked a treat in your smart waistcoats and playing your shiny horns ... :welldone

Congrats to you all ... :clapping:

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