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Otto Link Tone Edge "Slant Signature" 4* alto mouthpiece - great deal!


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Friulandia, Italy
Here for sale an original Otto Link Tone Edge "Slant Signature" 4*, for alto sax.

The mouthpiece is in near mint conditions.
Despite the closed tip opening, the mouthpiece is playable quite easily... yes, the sound is "old".
But you can but the mouthpiece, send it to your refacer, to open it as much as you want... ;)

Photos here:

Price: €245 (two hundred and forty five euros) shipped with international registred mail (with tracking service).
I'll be happy to donate 5% to the forum charity fund (if I sell it through this forum).

Currency conversion:

PM me for further infos/shipping details.


John Talcott

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