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SOLD Otto Link Super Tone Master Florida Usa 8 tenor mouthpiece - great deal!!!


Friulandia, Italy
Here for sale an Otto Link Super Tone Master Florida Usa 8 tenor mouthpiece.




It's in very good working/cosmetic conditions... I could say "near mint".
Gold plated.
No marks on the bite plate.
Some wear on the table.
The tip opening seems to be not closer than stamped.
Medium-to-low resistance, very reed friendly.


I've bought piece to replace another Florida I had ( ).
This one I have now on sale (Florida Usa 8) is a tad darker than the Florida No Usa 7* I sold.
I'm still in love/hate relationship with many have with vintage Links... so I've decided to sell it
This piece is a great player (I can say I like it best over the Florida No Usa 7* tweaked by Theo) but I've ended up I prefer some modern pieces I own.

I need to sell it fast, so the price is €480 (four hundred and eighty euros) including shipping with international registred mail (with tracking service).
The mouthpiece comes with ligature and cap. Those are not "original" but from a modern Babbitt era (I guess).

I'll be happy to donate 5% to the forum charity fund (if I sell it through this forum).

I ship from the sunny North East Italy.

The price is in EUROS... for the currency conversion check out here:

PM me for other infos and shipping details.

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