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Osaka Vacuum Trio Warsaw Concert Review...a nice surprise !


Hi Folks, haven't posted for a while but was genuinely surprised by this review of my trio from last week here in sunny Warsaw.
This was a hard gig.
We were booked as support but the headliners turned up late, so due to tech specs (lots of electronics) they went on first, so we played quite late and I expected most of the audience to leave - they didn't....
This trio has, what may be considered to be an unusual line up Cello, Sax and Drums.
On this night the music was totally improvised, usually we have some themes to work around, but due to the up and down nature of everyones emotions previous to the gig, we just wanted to play by the time the other (extremely loud band) had finished their set.
Link to Original review
(in Polish ! and some great pictures showing my Borgani Unlaq Tenor in all it's glory)

Thanks to Philip Palmer for the Translation…
Second on stage were the Osaka Vacuum (Ray Dickaty – saxophone; Mikołaj Pałosz – cello, Paweł Szpura – drums), at first glance just another Warsaw group, but in fact an improvising unit of the highest calibre bringing an important element to the landscape of the capital’s music scene – music combining free jazz and the European tradition of improvisation, creating music that is unassuming yet full in sound and requires concentration. Evolving from Post-Coltrane moments with pizzicato cello to passages causing me to wonder which of the lines in the speakers were being created by saxophone and which by cello, with the alert and sensitive Paweł Szpura, who for a long time, it seems, has delighted me at every concert at which I’ve seen him. In September, the group are releasing an album on Maciek Trifonidis’ Slowdown Records label and it’s worth looking out for.

On another note the drummer had just returned from having a week of workshops with the fantastic Hamid Drake - lovely....

Nick Wyver

Just listened to the clip on your myspace page. For some reason - I presume the Polish connection - I was expecting something rather like Jan Kopinski, but it was much mellower and rather good (as is Mr Kopinski). Cheers!


Formerly known as "nachoman"
Nice one! I always find those slightly edgy- & chaotic gigs tend to be really good. Must be something about being pushed out of your default comfort zone & an extra hit of adrenalin on stage. I hope you’re going to publicize when your album’s coming out……
Seems to be the year of the cello- apparently Sandy’s touring band for later this year is going to include a German cellist, who’s a guitar pedals and loops kind of guy- can’t wait!


Thanks guys.
Yea I guess tensions were running quite high as on the day - due to potential rain - the gig was moved across the city to another venue (one in the process of renovation so builders dust everywhere etc) PA/lights etc all had to be moved as well...... Hasty facebook posting ensued to inform people of this change plus the lateness of the other bands arrival adding yet another level of angst all in all led to a good gig - interesting really how this seems to work with ones energy levels and adrenaline..
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