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Original Guardala's, tenor & sops. best of the best top draw mouthpieces!


Account Closed
I am selling some of my Hand made original Guardala mouthpieces from my collection as i am settling on 1 particular DG sop piece and tenor piece really can not justify having 4 sop pieces and 2 tenor pieces.
even tho, i will not be so sad if i do not sell them, i can still gladly keep on to them no problem...

sound clips, pictures or even a live skype video view can be done, sort it through PM.

5% donation IF any sold here, he says holding his breath....

sop1...Guardala "traditional" model, a silver plated lacquer, 3 digit serial number rare beauty with original facing and original tube container, (i have 2 of these models so 1 has to go, sadly)
price - £555

sop2...Guardala "Dave Liebman" model, all original facing, another lovely piece, big sound, rich tone quality. gold lacquer
price - £555

sop3...Guardala "studio", facing has been cleaned, smoothened and it just plays fantastic, has a warm rounder sound and is a very rare 2 digit serial number with the wide pink bite plate also.
used on many recordings and gigs.
price - £555

tenor...Guardala "super king", gold lacquer, great shape, all original facing, amazing playing piece, HUGE sound, the tip opening is .120, i have recently changed to a different model Guardala and sadly will offer to sell this monster beauty of a mouthpiece, 1 of the hardest models to find...
used on many recordings and gigs, eats guitarists and trumpet players for lunch!
price - £1,000 SOLD

prices include shipping....

***don't be shy to message me and throw me an offer!

I will also consider trades for other Guardala pieces.
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forgot to add
i take paypal or bank money transfer, you take the small fee as i ampaying shipping

and please i do prefer to keep to original topic...


deal pending on the super king tenor piece on SOTW.

i could be interested in possible trades, saxes, mouthpieces sax gear, clarinet gear, so PM me your offers, stop being so shy peoples.

and if you are a long serving trustworthy member i do not mind you paying me in instalments, interest free of course!
super king tenor piece is now on it's way to the US!
deal done on SOTW...

price drop on other pieces, take £15 off the price
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