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Work in progress more like. This is the first chorus of a tune I came up with this morning..

"Sly Heart"

Comments welcome..

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I'm hearing lots of improvement in tone and you've got a nice easy feeling in this one. The odd thing is that it sounds like you are reading this and playing it very precisely. Why? If it's your tune just play it. OK, a bit pushy, and the answer is probably that without the dots you don't think you'd play the "right" notes. This brings up something that many new(ish) players may need to face. If your intention is to play jazz, then at some point you need to connect to your horn so that whatever is in your head comes out the horn. It becomes your voice. You've got to put away the dots and start practicing trying to play what's in your head. It will take time and effort, but if NOT done, then the dependence is just continually reinforced.

Nice sounding (very 1950s sort of) tune and excellent backing track (as usual). Keep pushing!
Jeanette, thanks for that..
Wade, on the money as usual, I hear what you are saying. Thanks for your support and advice it's always welcome..



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