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(Original) Aladdin's lair


Hey guys,

Just new to this forum (and the sax world) and thought I'd jump straight into the deep end :D

I've been playing about 6 mths so far and recorded a bit of a jam I was playing last night.

Bit scratchy and still learning the ropes but thought I'd share. Would love any feedback/ constructive criticism

Ps. I've been listening to quite a few of the other tracks posted in this forum and loving the quality!!! will comment on a few more when i get a chance.


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S. Wales, UK
Hey Eunza,
Welcome to the site. Will take a listen tonight as I can't access SoundCloud from work.


Very impressive for only 6 months playing. I guess you play other instruments?
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Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Welcome Eunza! Good to hear you putting forward something original. I have a leaning towards melodic modal music, so enjoyed this. Only constructive comment is to see if you can even out your attacks. Sound like "huffs" that swell. Maybe this is what you want? Basic tone is good, but may not always be in tune. Without backing you can get away with not hitting notes in tune, but when there is any basis of comparison it won't sound as good.

I really enjoyed the following guitar track that was pretty much the same mode and tune and even in the same key. Did you play that? Very nice.


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Hi Eunza, sounds like an interesting start to your composing. Would be nice to hear both guitar and sax on the same track on the next tune.:thumb:



Thanks for the feedback guys!

Qwales I've played fingerstyle acoustic guitar for about 10 years or so - however have always been interested in the improvisation parts so always had the desire to pickup a 'one note at a time' instrument, just didn't know it would be sax until I went and researched other instruments out there :) got a borrowed one for a few months and now i'm hooked!

Wade good point on the out of tune bits - tuning is one of my main learning focus points at the moment , however I didn't even think about the attacks until now so thanks for pointing that out. I added it to my practice tonight and can hear the difference without just puffing and hitting the keys. glad you liked the melody/modal - I'm essentially just transferring what I was workign on with acoustic over to sax now. Yup that guitar sound clip is me too - I forgot that I still had it there but glad you liked it! (and for ignoring the out of timing bits haha - had to fix up my record delay settings on audacity after that)

Chris I'm aiming at getting both the guitar/sax into a mix soon :) I had a go a few months ago but it ended up pretty terrible as I was using a pc mic and id just started out on the sax. Just recently picked up a BlueYeti usb mic which I'm really happy with btw, and recommend it if any one is looking for a cheap PC microphone.

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