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Ooh exciting!!!

Saxy Sam

New Member
Hi there!

I'm so excited as I've just completed a form to hire (with a view to buying) a Trevor James Horn Classic Alto Saxophone. Wanted to buy it straight away but my hubby persuaded me otherwise.

I used to play recorder at school and wanted to progress to another instrument while at school but didn't get the opportunity. Have wanted to play the sax for as long as I can remember but didn't quite muster up the confidence or finances to do it before now. Finally by my 37th birthday I should be holding one in my hands!!! :D Can't wait to try it out.



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Hi Sam!

Welcome to Cafe Saxophone from all members of the Skabertawe Horn Section. 37, eh, how young you are.....:shocked::w00t:;} What great news to be able to start on an alto sax - there'll be no stopping you now! It can be a good idea to rent first as the 'net is littered with clarinets and altos that were bought and were never really taken to, and fell into disuse.

The key issue for me in learning sax is motivation and having some specific aims. If there is any type of music that attracts you, any sounds you like, any players you like or any aims that you have in mind at least it will help you "make the hard yards" at times.

Lots of folk find it useful to have a teacher, at least to start with - they can be a tremendous resource. Also any decent tutor books, especially as a lot of them are aimed at teenage newbies. Its a great instrument to learn - my advice is to take things slowly, just learn a few notes at a time, and get the basics right - reeds, mouthpiece, ligatures, strap etc. There is lots of advice available through the site, as and when and do ask questions even if they seem mad.

Big welcome to the Forum and hope you really enjoy learning sax!

Kind regards

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Hello Sam

Welcome to the madhouse. The anticipation is delicious I remeber it well. I'm sure you'll find lots to inspire (and aggravate) at the cafe.
Good luck



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Welcome to the cafe ... You saxy thing you ... *Grin*

Hey Hey Sam ...

*Sunray waves from Norfolk [UK]*

Sounds like you just can't wait to start on you long anticipated journey ...

Being a total beginner myself I understand your excitement ... I started in June this year [approx] and all I can say is "Yipee - I luv it"

Have fun and chatter here with this bunch of interesting and friendly people. You only have to ask and they offer some great advice.


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Hi sam, welcome to the Forum. Being able to play the recorder, your journey into the world of the sax has already started. You will be able to play the scale of "C" almost immediately, and probably be playing the dots within a day or two (I too started on recorder at school and had my first sax at the age of eleven).

Good Luck,

Young Col

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Hi Sam and welcome.
Sax fingering is based on the recorder so you've got a good start. I played recorder at school, a loooong time ago, but it all came back quickly.


hi sam
welcome ask away ,i have only been playing a while but love it , these guys are very helpful,enjoy the good and the bad days .


Hi Sam and welcome like you I wanted to learn at school but all they offered was the violin/triangle no recorder funnily enough. I finally started about 2 years ago in my mid forties and wished I started younger.


Saxy Sam

New Member
Thanks for all your welcomes. My sax should hopefully arrive tomorrow - yipee!!:D Hope to have some lessons at some point, but the sax comes with a dvd so thought I would try that first.

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