Online shopping just ain't what it used to be

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Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing issues this year?

Have to say I am a big fan of buying online as I hate wandering around shops but in the last few week I have had some big issues:

  • Amazon Market place seller - charged £8.95 for postage then failed to deliver for more than 10 days, then said order re-sent but still never arrived.
  • The Cooks Kitchen - said delivery shipped in 5-7 days (order placed 21st November!) Still not arrived then was promised delivery on Friday then again today. Nowt so far.
  • Amazon - order arrived but inadequately packaged and therefore damaged
  • Item costing $80 shipped from US that cost me an additional £31.50 to get it from Parcel Force - robbing bastards charged £13.50 for 'Clearing Customs'

And on top of that, the dogs have started destroying anything that comes through the letterbox when I am not working from home. Lazy buggers sleep all day and I don't see them at all. If they are left though they just take revenge! :(


With one exception eveything I've ordered has arrived promptly and securely wrapped. Amazon have seems particularly swift this year.

I knew the exception was going to go bad when phoned to chase delivery and learned their web site had lost my order! Ordered by phone and when I chased that was told they had no order in their system - even though I knew they'd debited my plastic.

Turns out the small time rogues could not link orders the delivery address not the buyers address. To be fair it did arrive so I can't co,plain too much.


There's a lot to be said for using your local independent shops if possible. Given sufficient notice they should be able to order items in time for xmas.(If you don't like shopping--try ringing them up)
Far easier to deal face to face if things go wrong, than to an anonymous voice over the telephone.

"Item costing $80 shipped from US that cost me an additional £31.50 to get it from Parcel Force - robbing bastards charged £13.50 for 'Clearing Customs'"
This charge came up in a posting of mine in "beginners", being charged $38.95 to ship a free cd from the States.

Can't help with the chewed up mail though, mine does the same.


It's disappointing when online shopping doesn't match the hype.

Living in such a remote area - it's the only way to go for me that's for sure. I paid the extra subscription cost for Amazon "Prime" here - free 2 day shipping - do they offer that to you?

A great girlfriend in Cornwall tells me horror stories about the charges she incurs when I send her a package and forget to mark "gift" on the customs sheet.

I believe Mr. Lucky is offering some great Christmas ideas via the internet as well ;}

Hope the rest of your packages arrive without incident and that the dogs stay away :)

half diminished

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I paid the extra subscription cost for Amazon "Prime" here - free 2 day shipping - do they offer that to you?

They do but in Blighty it only applies to items bought from Amazon itself and not via Marketplace.

The only beef I have with Amazon is they don't always package things properly - I have had four or five books arrive damaged. A book arrived a few minutes ago. It was in the usual Amazon cardboard packaging but loose and I could hear it sliding about 'untethered' inside. Fortunately this one was undamaged. Others are not so lucky.


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Never had any problem with Amazon at all. They proved embarrassingly efficient just today. I ordered a new TV on Saturday and gave my work as the delivery address thinking that it would arrive mid-week. Working from home today and I got a call from the office at 9:30, slightly irate because this huge parcel had arrived and I hadn't thought to tell anyone about it!


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Seems to vary - Amzon are getting slacker with packaging - had to send a book and a Computer screen so far this year. To their credit sorting things out was relatively painless. And I buy a lot through them, Prime's been good and I use it a lot. We get next day delivery though...

Two other bad experiences have been a photo supplier who delivered, took the money by paypal, and a few weeks later I got a letter from a debt collection agency.... No contact with the seller between receiving/paying and the debt collectors. Fortunatly my wife speaks good German and was able to sort it out, but a real scare - they have a centralised credit blacklist here, and once you get yourself on there.....

And a UK supplier took an order for my wife's Xmas present last year. Then failed to deliver. Eventually got it, after about 3 months. But no apologies or concern. Same as the photo suppliers. Neither will get any more business from me.

Needless to say both

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