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Which one is best website in US to buy accessories online for saxophone ? I know Amazon, but looking for something which has more variety for woodwind instrument & accessories selling. are pretty cheap. When using eBay watch out for their "prepaid duty" link with Pitney Bowes. It doesn't work all the time!
In the fall, I bought a Guardala MBII silverplated tenor mouthpiece from Woodwind and Brasswind (www, for $199 US. Canadian and US dollars were pretty much at par but the Canadian dollar is about $.90 right now. the shipping charge was around $20. The mouthpiece was on sale at the time. I saw it at Amazon but they would not ship to Canada. I saw that the seller was WWBW so I gave them a phone call ('rang them up' in Britspeak) and they shipped it to me. There's also Musician's Friend along with Music123 as mentioned by ProfJames above and Guitar Center (not Centre). I'm pretty sure MF and Music123 ship internationally. These are all reputable companies.

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