Saxophones One of those Universal Savana things - any advice?


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Just come across a Universal Savana brass alto stamped 'Universel Savana Paris 1603'
It looks to have had a complete overhaul, great, but I never know if one of these things is going to be in dreaded high pitch, and when you have a seller who isn't clued up it doesn't really help in any way!
Does anyone know anything of these saxes as they pop up every now and then on eBay, mainly where people have done some fantastic paint jobs on them instead of making them play....
I guess this is an old horn. Chances of high pitch are very high. Short of getting decent measurements, or physicaly checking it out, you're guessing every time...
There is one of these on eBay at present.........................are they any good?
No idea. Could be a good stencil, maybe not. High chance of high pitch.
Never mind the pitch. Even it this was low pitch.
What attracts any of you towards an ancient saxophone which only virtue is seemingly being old and cheap?

Ranging from lob B to Eb and missing more keys than i can mention. What do you see in this?

I see very often horns similar to this and the only place they need being is in a work of art like this.

I only ask because I have never heard of it before. I have NO intention of straying off the Martin vintage trail........
Just come across a Universal Savana brass alto stamped 'Universel Savana Paris 1603'

Wow - that predates the recorded invention date of the Saxophone by over 200 years !! ... Looks like Adolphe was no more than a Belgian copycat after all (we all knew the French invented the things really didn`t we ;) and the instrument should rightly be called a Savanahorn
Indeed some things are better being forgotten.

Being a collector’s item implies being desired by someone, collectability falls not under the Kantian category of “ ding an sich”
Judging by the one prof found, 1603 is the serial number. I took a look. No rollers. No low Bb. No high F. Doesn't look like one of those Indian SSOs. Can't see if it's got double octave keys or not. For collectors or as decoration only.
Was the Silver Sequoia a fickle fancy?
Not in the slightest, that is on my radar. In the meantime I have managed to acquire a couple of cheap horns for the last couple of months. August - C Melody and another Stephanhouser, Sept - straight RB sop and the Kohlert bari. I need £1600 for the silver Seq so am aiming before Christmas (with a tax rebate!)..........
I can't find the alto, only a sop at silly money, I would agree with @milandro "Indeed some things are better being forgotten"
When I see something that tickles my wish to own yet some other thing that I don’t really need I tell myself that the best way to save money is not spending it.
I can't see the word "fickle" without thinking of the "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate".
Unfortunately it's not a bluebird:
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