One of the perils of a jam night.

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Last Wednesday was St. Georges Day so my local decided to have an extra jam night (usually 2 a month). As usual, if I get there for the start, the house band (for want of a better word) invited me up for the first few numbers to get things going. It's usually some blues or pop stuff so not exactly taxing. Wednesday was different. In honour (?) of St. George they decided to do a bunch of "English" songs. So they rattled through a whole bunch of Chas 'n' Dave, Worzels and a whole bunch of stuff I've never heard before but all in the same vein. So most of these little ditties were embellished with a tenor solo. If I was lucky they told me the key. If I was even luckier I heard it correctly. Mostly I watched the guitarists' fingers and tried to get some sense of the structure before being called upon to deliver a blistering (or not) solo to "I am a Cider Drinker" (or is it "Oim a Zyder Drinker"?) and "Gercha".
How quaint. Did they have Morris dancers? Who are only marginally more 'traditional' than Chas and Dave etc. Incidentally I have to confess to going to a C&D concert a few months ago at a great local venue, where their crew turned the sound up so high that people were cowering at the back of the hall with fingers in ears. Not sure how that fits with the ethos of a couple of east-end blokes playing the back room of the local boozer which seems to be their marketing angle.......
I wish I could say that I saw Chas & Dave at this gig -
dooce said: Did they have Morris dancers?

They were finishing just as I arrived.

Who was it who once said: "I'll try anything once with the possible exception of incest and morris dancing" ?

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