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Chrisoupolis Outside Kavala northern part of Greec
Hi again. I've got there a question for you... Is there anybody who knows his way with old Horns??? I've got from my father an old Alto sax from CONN. The Engraving says "The Liberty" from N.Y.CONN INC.,and in the back it says:
It has the Mercedes star on low C and a G# trill, and another trill in the back that moves with the low E:confused:, and ofcourse NO high F# :eek:.
I tried to retrieve informations about this piece even from the website from Conn, but no luck at all... This is not registered anywhere...but from the making and the key place it must be a before "Wonder" model, and not to has no pearlmut inserts on the keys, it is all silverplated, body and keys.
Hope I get lucky this time...:sax:
Patent date of toneholes and body tube production. Most Conn saxes that were made after 1914 have this info.

I think it should bee 1119954 which stands for the patent number.

A = alto

Serial number. I guess it's Libertys own serial number, not Conns.

Low Pitch = A 440

That was surprisingly fast!!!!!!!!!:shocked:
In less than 20 minutes I've got more answers than I found in ten years!!!!!!!
Thanks a million guys!!!!!:welldone
Conn of New York was a factory distibutor outlet for Conn Ltd incorprated in 1918. They were of course authorised to carry the Conn and additiionally Liberty Lines. Liberty applied only to New York and later to Conn Kansas City. Liberty was also one of the early stencils by Pan American for Conn of New York after it's factory was up and running in November of 1920. The "P" in the serial number identifies this as coming out of the Pan American factory which dates it to 1920 or after. It is a model Pan American 48M.
And the golden cyber shovel for resurecting a post after three and a half years goes to......
Yes, I think as new information comes to light that these old posts often need updating or correcting. In the past there was a lot of educated guesses that are now leading to a lot of miss-information ot miiss-interpretation.
I am currently doing a research study on the Pan Ameican Band Instrument company in an efforet to establish a serial number dating system. The results of the brass portion is already published on the Conn Loyalist. I hope to publish saxes soon. The Pan American woodwinds and Cavalier line are going to take some time.


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