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old saxonack.......woodwind revisted


Hi All

After viewing my present alto collect dust for 2 years or more, I finally started using it a few days ago using the old 'tune a day' book. Must admit that apart from the old worn teeth feeling especially loose the feeling of playing and its joy (to me at the moment but probably not others!) is coming back slightly.

It all started for me back in the misty days of my youth when I played a flute in the school orchestra - so must of been above average - but at 16 or 17 can't remember a boy has other things on his mind and like an idiot I dropped it to persue these other things. 6 years later I'm in germany and pick up a tenor sax cause the rock bands there in the 80's (or the one I knew) wanted to try it out.

Unfortunatly I got as far as about 12 lessons and had to return to blighty and did not pick it up again until recently - of course at the great forty middle aged stage in this grand life, others may have decided to get another MG rather then a musical instrument by which to re-live their youth but being a daddy and aparently grown up now I thought best to stick to something my guitar playing teens would apprechiate (just as soon as it starts sounding like a sax!).

I guess thats enough for an intro - I look forward to chewing the fat with you all later



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Hi Paul

Welcome back to saxland and the cafe,I'm surprised I'm the first to say hello,maybe they're all a bit upset that you've let one of god's finest creations gather dust for two years,but I don't think so.And now your up and running maybe the kids will become interested in the sax as well,all the best with your new journey and have fun.....john

El Robo

Hi Paul and welcome.

I started about 15 months ago and have found my teens accepting of the noise I make. they too play guitar. very friendly and helpful bunch here



thanks for the welcomes

I have approached the kids as far as playing a sax goes but you know teenagers, one minute their keen the other your the worse dad ever!!!

got loads of daft questions and querys that I know from experiance are best answered by practise, practise and more........practise, but was wondering, in the advent of not really wanting to embarras ones self at jams etc atleast for a year or two, but also knowing that playing to or with other instruments is a good way to learn - are their any good beginner books with CD's that any one knows or have used and could recommend?


Young Col

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Welcome Paul. Ah... the school orchestra. I played trumpet having been smitten by Armstrong and Beiderbecke. It was a long journey of some 40 years before I took up sax seriously, but smitten once again.


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Wotcha Mate ...

Ello Paul ...

Sunray Waves from Norfolk ... ;}

Nice to meet you, I am sure you will enjoy yourself playing now you have de-greased the Alto ... :shocked:

There are loads of really helpful people here so if you have questions - You are sure to get many replies ...

Have Fun mate ...

old git

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Welcome to the caff, Paul.

Morays? Always stayed clear of those blighters when skin diving, even with the rock gun but at least your reed is always wet and salty.



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Welcome from not so sunny Germany. MG vs Sax.... No contest. When you get into the swing of it, you could write a book about the two co-existing. They don't clash, just occupy different parts of life, and could both keep the teenagers happy!


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Hi Paul, from another escapee from the dreaded flute-playing teenager affliction. MGs? Pah, if we're talking mid-life crises here, 2.8 litre BMW Z3 and 1000c.c. Suzuki...... But the tenor is the one that gets used pretty much every day :)


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Hi There!

Greetings from Skabertawe:w00t: Best beginner book I can recommend for adults is "The Jazz Method for Alto Saxophone" by John O'Neill (CD included - best price is usually on Amazon). Too many beginner books are understandably written for younger folks and can be a little infantalising, but this is a corker, and provides all sorts of help and challenges.

I hope you enjoy your time on the sax and look forward to your contributions to the forum!

Kind regards


Cheers for all the hi's and the low down on the tutorial book - will have a look at that one as I find the tune a day is a tad restrictive on music examples. I kind of end up making my own music but not of the easy listening type!!!!

tried a number 2 reed today but just could not get the low e or d - will go back to my 2 1/2 - not sure if it makes alot of differance but atleast I don't seem to produce a niagra falls around the mouth piece with it.

Oh and dooce did you have to mention a suzuki - don't ride my self but my wife does (she's 5 foot nothing, me 5 foot 11) and a image flashed in my mind of our few trips on the CBR around the southern coast (before parenthood) with me trying to play on the back during one of her many 'humourus' wheelies.



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Hi Paul, welcome to the cafe. If you've got a good ear for music why don't you just play along to some good old karaoke tracks. You can find them on places like Spotify. You'll be jamming along to all your favourites before you know whats hit you!
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