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Just came across an old Alto Sax in an antique shop
Has Orpheus written across the bell and made in Italy and the serial number 6936 on the back.
Not having any luck finding info on this sax, can anyone help me out?


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Just north of Munich
Doing some research I found that the Orpheus name has been used at least twice, recently on horns associated with Steve Goodson/LA Sax and on some old Italian stencils, which may have come fom Orsi.

Not sure if this thread helps or not


You could try pm'ing the original poster to see if he got a reply from Orsi.

It'd also be worth looking for pics of vintage Orsi's (and other Italian makes) and comparing the saxes, especially keywork. Saxpics.com has a lot of info, but is rather thin when it comes to Italian makers. If you post some pics here, you may get more feedback.

If the sax is sensibly priced, it may make an interesting project. And it's certainly something unusual.
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