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I had the good fortune a while back to be accepted into a local band named "Mississippi Mood" in which the average age is about 75. A couple of the members are approaching 90 and still going strong. Our newly acquired female vocalist in her 30's calls us her "Old Man Band". The group has two trumpets, a trombone, two altos, a tenor, a baritone (me) and a rhythm section in addition to the vocalist. We have a book of amazing charts written by the group's former leader and tenor player who is an accomplished professional musician. Here is a demo "sizzle track" that we recently recorded to advertise our group.

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That would blow away band that I have heard here, and most that I have heard elsewhere. Hope I am not doing anyone on the Costas an injustice but even the established big band types would wilt under this competition. The pad is an absolute cracker. Well done.
Nice tight playing. To my ear there is something very special about a tight large ensemble.

Cool arranging and good blending of the tracks on demo
Agreed. The lip trills in In the Mood are a nice touch. They seem to help make up for the undersized brass section.

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A great sounding band that's tight and everyone knows how to play in tune! I've avoided playing in big bands due to there generally being a few who played out of tune and made it all sound "off". I think a big difference is that when you've played an instrument for a lot of years you know what those notes should sound like. Less experienced players read without hearing the notes they are playing. For them it's still a mechanical eye to fingers exercise. As we (hopefully) all know the sax is a very imperfect instrument with embouchure, controlled by our ear and experience making the difference between playing in tune...or not. Experience pays. What a great band to be part of!
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