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Ok, I did it.

Der Wikinger

Silvis, IL USA
I actually have a live video of me playing on You Tube.

I went to church to play; had no chance to setup, tune up, or anything. They just took my playalong cd, put it in the P. A. System, and said, "Go play." It was under very short conditions, and taken from a camcorder at the back of the sanctuary. I hope I do not embarrass myself.


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Well done Larry, a solid performance. :welldone:welldone:welldone When I suggests you videoed yourself I anticipated you doing it in the comfort of your living room, to do a solo public performance takes courage and I admire anyone who does that.

You do not embarrass yourself in the least, far from it in my opinion. Inevitably the camcorder struggled a bit on the levels, but I think you have captured your performance well enough to take along to the cafe and see what they think. You certainly seem to be able to handle the strains of live performance. With regard to the backing track the piano sounded convincing to me.

Great stuff and thank you for posting it.

Best wishes,



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Norfolk, UK
Bloody good job mate ...

Nice work mate ...

You should be proud of what you have achieved ... :welldone

To play and to sing to a live audience is quite something, especially when they show their enthusiastic approval for your efforts ...

Cheers mate ... :sax:


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Rugby UK
Larry, your playing sounded so much more human. It was lovely to hear you adding some dynamics to your performance. Like the others have said, it takes courage to stand up in front of a live audience and play like that.
Well done mate. (I prefer the sound of you playing live to that of your sound clips, I just don't know why!)


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Edinburgh/Hot Rock off African Coast
I liked that tune a lot. In addition I `d agree with everybody that this sounded the most emotive and least keyboard like . You should be able to do a good busking session once you get your set sorted out. I also thought your vocal to be a V. Good addition to your performance.

Well Done
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