Official CaSLM visit to Jazzwise.

old git

Tremendous Bore
Needing a copy of Finale PrintMusic, the full panoply of an official Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive visit was made to The Jazzwise premises in exotic Saint Reatham.

The procession was lead by the Gold State Zimmer Frame and the only disappointment was that the weather was too inclement for the Official Moll to perform her Anciente Polle Danzze.

Good place with good stock, never thought I'd see B.B. King in a jazz specialist, more broad minded than Dobell's used to be. Very pleasant guys and good relaxed service.

They only stock what they believe in. I have an outdated Mac and await the arrival of the next operation system before updating. They discouraged me from buying a certain application as it had been left undeveloped and stagnating for a considerable period and would need instant upgrading on acquiring the projected new machine.

Came out with a catalogue that means the pension is mortgaged for the next hundred years, discount vouchers and a free copy of the magazine. This had Diana Krall on the front cover but the medical team had packed the defibrillator.

Met Simon and was surprised that he was only a four foot three tall teenager (well you didn't expect all truth, did you?) but he did show me the Kazoo Museum and I was allowed to touch but not play the Mk Vl, solid platinum instrument. Totally priceless. As a result of his services, Simon has been appointed Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive's Ambassador to Australasia.

Yet another attraction of dealing with these good folk for jazz, book, hard and soft ware is that Pete's charities benefit, so you complete the deal with a good feeling.
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