Official Announcement, CaSLM Scandinavian Ambassador appointed.

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Arose early and fitted trusted British BSA Bantam motor to the Platinum State Zimmer Frame (Yes we all know that it was really war reparations design from Das Kleine Wunder, but it was made in Birmingham), all without the aid of the Official Retainer who's ten hectare garden pond's miniature oil rig has sprung a leak. The piranhas are enjoying it but not the koi.

Set out to meet Rune, the Red Earl. Initial disappointment, no horned helmet, no battle axe, no round shield, no blood curdling oaths and no rape or pillaging. He also possesses another fault, the ability to close all the locals offering pub meals with power problems. This forced the choice of a workman's greasy spoon. No wonder this country has such a bad reputation for food.

The bright side was that a bar that had been noticed previously was open and was offering genuine Czech Budweisser in three forms plus two CAMRA brews from proper hand pulled pumps all served by a Marc Bolan look alike. Following intricate and frank discussion, Rune was appointed Scandinavian Ambassador with Rape and Pillage rights in Esher and Hersham providing the raid is carried out from a Viking Longboat.

As Rune is likely to be taking a long weekend with his family in late July, a Saturday afternoon CaSLM Nosh 'n' Blow is likely to be organised. Dots and a demonstration/backing track CD will be issued so if you'd like to attend, please pm me as soon as Rune's visit is confirmed.

N.B. 'Clue' returns, 18:30, Monday, Radio 4. Listen or be placed on the CaSLM Contract List.

Also noted that Griff's very smart van has the latest single paddle gear change from the WRC car, runs on Catalan road suspension settings, semi slicks, Recaro seats with 100 mm six point harness and Sebastian Loeb stickers.
Is he the ultimate boy racer?
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Well I'm please you managed to handle a state visit on your own. Sorry that I was occupied with tracing a still-elusive leak in the Gulf of Coulsdon. What with that and helping the family business to move premises, I didn't even manage any sax practice yesterday. In fact still so busy that I had to get the Prince of Wales to meet President Sarkozy and that nice Carla Bruni for me this morning.

This is the second report on forum about the Griff-van. I suppose as our own ambassador to the South West he will claim diplomatic immunity from the 500% CaSLM modified vehicles tax.


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Inaugural speech

It was a delightful event being towed around Croydon South End from closed pub to closed pub by the most revered Bill. I'll grant you, the official dinner did an exquisite attempt of presenting the fine art of English cookery. Perhaps falling slightly short of being impressive. Non the less, we managed to survive.

The ceremony itself was a beautiful affair. Comparable to any knighting ceremony Her Majesty the Queen herself might throw. As we sat on the street, in furniture from endangered rainforest trees, surrounded by the spectacular nature of the busy South End, young women dressed in clothes so tight that you could only see the top half of Bills head as the rest was covered in drool, Police cars rushing by at high speed and to the consummation of fine British Ale, Bill held the announcement speech.

To have such an honour bestowed upon me is a great honour and I shall honour the honour with honour.

As for the the slight disappointment Bill felt by the lack of traditional Norse dress code on my part, I must say: since the last 1000 years England has put up security control throughout it's borders putting a hamper on an otherwise quite enthusiastic Scandinavian enthusiasm.

And now, the pledge:
I shall honour the rules of CaSLM and (as I understand it) bloody well make up the rules as I go!

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