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Saxophones Odyssey OAS130 Alto Saxophone


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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the site and am about to purchase my first Sax. I did rent the JP041 for 3 months, which I found to be very good. Now the JP will cost me 429 euros ( abt 340 pound ) and a free service for 1 year.

I just saw on Amazon the Odyssey OAS130 Alto for 239 pound but I have been unable to find any proper reviews on the net, so I'd love to know if anyone can give me any advice on this matter !!


Johnny B


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Just north of Munich
Hi Johnny, and welcome. Would be great if you'd ring the doorbell and introduce yourself.

With saxes you get what you pay for. The Odyssey may be good, may be junk. Suggest you stick with the JP, or if you fancy a change already, try a well known brand.


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Thanks everyone for the fast response. Unfortunately I was too late to bid for the sax on eBay, I live in Dublin anyway so I guess there would of been a bit of a charge on the postage anyway. I think that I'll go for the plunge tomorrow and pick it up in the city, looks like there may be a bit of a risk on the Odyssey !!

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