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octaving. Leak?


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Hello. I play tenor. I play four or five times a week. I have two tenors. My first one was identified by a leaky pad in the crane. I used my spare crane for now but now another leak has occured in the body. The sax is suddenly very hard to blow and it octaves on middle a, b or c. I figured it would be a pad that's normally closed and i noticed the g sharp pad isn't sitting exactly true. I pressed it down with my finger when playing problematic notes but it didn't solve them. Any ideas?
To test the octave key adjustment---finger G and forcefully hit the thumb octave key several times watching the neck octave pad. It should not move if in good adjustment. Then finger from G to A while pressing the thumb octave. The neck and body octave keys should alternate opening and closing completely.

Check to see that there is at least a 1/16" gap between the neck octave key ring and the post extending from the body. If there is not a gap, place your thumb between the ring and the body of the neck and then gently push down on the octave key. Should you go too far, place a pad slick or tongue depressor under the pad and carefully push back on the ring until the desired gap is achieved.

If you are using a different neck (crook) (crane) on your saxophone than the one that came with it, it is very likely that its octave key is not adjusted for the tenor you are using it on.

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