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Oblique Strategies - anybody?



Some of you will know others will not!

Happened across a Radio 4 program a week or two back where they were talking to one of the musicians who played on David Bowie's Hero's album. The gist of the conversation was about Brian Eno's passion for using cards with small random "strategies" printed on them.

During the recording he would ask each musician to take a card then play accordingly the next take without telling each other what the card said, difficult to explain so I suggest a quick google.
This got me thinking about recovering that lost mojo a common topic here, only this week I had an epiphany brought about by members of this forum -

"try something you had previously discounted"

If it is not a breach of copyright I though we could borrow the idea and taylor it for Saxophone and come up with a few one liners of our own. Then if you need to add some spark to your practice dip in and perform accordingly, I am sure the more experience members must have some quite wacky ideas.;}

How about "change location" if you always practice in the same room then move to a different one, I used to teach illustration to MSC students and if I ever had to say something negative to a student I would always make sure the student was not at their desk when I said it, that way the brain did not connect the place with the feeling and stifle creativity.

I suspect I could be talking nonsense, it is after all getting to the end of a week of night shifts, the hot weather and a lack of sleep may be warping my fragile mind. :w00t:
Change instrument!
One of my favourite recordings is Moto Grosso Feio by Wayne Shorter. All the participants chose different instruments to their usual ones. John McLaughlin on 12 string acoustic guitar, Ron Carter on cello, Chick Corea on marimba, Dave Holland on acoustic guitar. Wayne stayed on tenor and sop but he should have gone for the harmonium.
It's a really refreshing chllenge and it frees you up no end.
Dig out a banjo and have some fun.
Funny you should say that I got a banjo for Chritmas and it's the most fun I'v had in years, but the thing is it's got me back into music and the sax, and helped me find a way to remember tunes that works for me.

Play a different style!
"Honour thy error as a hidden intention" was always my favourite

for more info on Oblique Strategies see -
there's an online version here - and here -
the Eno Shop website seems to be down at the moment, but you can buy sets of the cards on Amazon

here's Simon Armitage's BBC radio programme about the cards -

"State the problem in words as simply as possible "
"Record every practice"

Even if you just delete it at the end I find that being a perfectionist as soon as I press record the mistakes come thick and fast, so I'm trying to always record in an attempt to get over it.

Some one once told me that "a wrong not is only ever half a tone out" so just make like it's a passing note and you meant to do it.

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