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Flutes etc. Now that's a big flute!

What an amazing instrument, a haunting sound and so percussive too, what a shame it's such a bu%8er to carry to band practice! :))) Good find Mamos, thanks for posting it. I'm off to YouTube to find more flutes now. ;}
Okay, how are you guys getting to watch the video? I've got an advert sat on top of the bit I need to click to agree to view the content! Is it only me?

All the best,


EDIT: Now that I'm signed in I don't have the advert, I think I'm beginning to understand...

EDIT: But now it says Sorry, unable to display I think I'll give up.
Chris, try pasting this on google

Subcontrabassflute by Stefan Keller

Should bring it up in first place. Well worth the watch IMO

Hi Taz,

Thanks, I did as you suggested - that is quite a beast! I guess the player goes to the instrument rather than the other way round with something that big. I wonder what flight of the bumble bee sounds like on it.


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