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Notice of Impending Sale BW M2 Tenor in virtually unused condition


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Costa Blanca, Spain
I shall be coming to UK in a month or two...June at the latest.... and wish to sell my lovely M2 tenor, bought new about 15 months ago from WW&B and prepared by Stephen Howard(you can see the little extra felt pads that SH added!).

My only reason for selling is that I am having enough difficulty getting to grips with my alto, and my teacher advised me to concentrate on that!
So the tenor has been virtually unplayed and is really in 'as new' condition, apart from a bit of Spanish dust, which I'll try to remove!

I will also be offering a choice of 1 from 3 very nice mouthpieces, as part of the deal, a PPT #7, a Drake Ceramic #7, or, for a bit extra, a Jody Jazz DV #8.
And the deal will include a Hiscox Pro II WTS case!
These saxes are now selling for £1856, new, without a 'pro quality' mouthpiece (worth at least £125+), or a Hiscox case (now £131 new).

I'll be looking for £1400 for the whole package(or 1500 with the Jody Jazz DV).

As I'll be visiting UK soon-ish, I'd like to ask anyone who'd be interested in buying the sax, mpc and case, to contact me by PM, with their general location(and any queries), because you'll understand that a tenor sax is not the easiest item to transport by air and then ship to a 'remote' address, so I need to ¡plan ahead'.

Naturally, if I sell, I will contribute to Pete's charity.

Thanks :)
Hi Roger,

What is the finish on your M2 - I really like the look of the silver body and gold lacquer keywork and have just bought (or part-ex'd for) the M2s alto from our own Birdman of Studio Saxophones.

PS Is "Spanish dust" some sort of code ? :D

Hi Roger,

What is the finish on your M2 - I really like the look of the silver body and gold lacquer keywork and have just bought (or part-ex'd for) the M2s alto from our own Birdman of Studio Saxophones.


Yes, it's silver plate with gold lacqeur keys...very smart!
PS Is "Spanish dust" some sort of code ? :D


No...just that this is a dusty country, and I have a dog! Stephen H commented on it when he serviced my alto ....I now cover them with pillow cases when they are on their stands!
I will try to post some pics over the weekend, but, for those who have Stephen Howard's book (or can find it on the web), it's exctly the same as the one on the front cover! I can't see any marks on it anywhere....nor should there be!!
The M2 is on hold, pending 'finalisation of arrangements', and a choice of mouthpiece , as is the JJDV mouthpiece.
If this all works-out, we'll only be left with one of the mouthpieces, and, maybe, a Rovner 2R-ED II ligature, (if neither prospective buyer wants it).

If you are interested to be put in the 'Just in case' queue, please PM me :)
Thanks for the prompt responses.

Sorry, the first sentence of my last post was gobbledegook!
The prospective M2 buyer has yet to choose a mouthpiece, and one person is currently interested in the JJDV.

I'm holding for these two, but nothing is finalised until payments are agreed and made!
Just to clarify...again...I have TWO Rovner ligs(with all the 'bits') ....an EDII which fits the PPT and the Drake, and a Versa (virtually identical to the ED, just smaller) which goes with the JJDV.
Sorry for the confuzzment ...it IS late and I have been out for dinner(and vino) :)
The JJDV is sold and paid-for, and money sent to Pete's charity...many thanks ...phew, that was quick :)

The M2 buyer is likely to prefer the PPT *7 ....if so, the Drake Ceramic *7 will also be available, possibly with a suitable Rovner lig.

Watch this space, but please PM me if you might be interested.
The BW M2, PPT and JJDV are all sold, thanks ....M2/PPT to be delivered on my next UK trip :)
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