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Not strictly sax, more flute, but still interesting...


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...well for me at least.

The other evening I decided to mooch around on the internet and after following various links I arrived at The Real Flute Project and ended up watching a lot of the tutorial videos available on the site. From there I found my way over to James Galway’s website and then onto Youtube where there is a series of master-class clips that I found fascinating to watch.

Okay, so I don’t play the flute, in fact my first and only experience with one involved a lot of laughing as my friend struggled to help me achieve at least one note, needless to say we gave up, I had a similar experience just recently trying to get a note out of his French horn. But anyway, coming back to these videos, I actually found a lot of the advice really interesting and although directed at flute players I could relate to a lot of it and made me rethink a few things and my approach to the saxophone.

So I’m sorry this isn’t directly saxophone related but on the off chance that others might find the videos interesting I thought I put up this post.

I think I worried Kate (my teacher) today during my lesson when I asked her how hard it was to learn the flute. She said something along the lines of, didn’t I already have an alto and tenor saxophone as well as a clarinet to master! But it was a little noisy and I might have been slightly distracted so on second thoughts I think she said, go for it you'd love it ;}

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