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The world of home recording is quite a jungle: many brands specialized in ultra-cheap microphones.
Following some threads about ribbon microphones, (on cafesaxophone and on recording forums) I ended up contacting this company from Belgium:
NoHype Audio, Official Reseller for ADK microphones, Placid Audio Copperphone, Line Audio, TK Audio, Vintage Design, MBHO Microphones, Triton Audio, SOUNDELUX USA, MTR Audio, XQP Audio, the LRM and SRM series ribbon microphones.

I usually prefer to deal with small companies, and this one confirms my choice: Mr. Nohype is a very good communicator and very knowledgeable.
All products are supposed to be checked (and modified, in case of the LRM1) by him.

My first purchase was this:
NoHype Audio Products: Quality Affordable Audio Equipment
The cheapest version (with standard transformer) was recommended for saxophone and was perfect.
At first, on tenor, it has a "vintage" vibe, with rounded high frequencies. Very 50s.
Experimenting with positioning can give different results, a high shelf EQ puts back the highs that make a saxophone sound more "modern".

The biggest concern using a ribbon in home recording was the figure 8 polar pattern. It does not seem to be an issue; once a good position in the room is found.

The second purchase was this (CM3):
Line Audio - Swedish Made High Quality Audio Products - Available at NoHype Audio
A incredible flat response, very precise, almost clinical. The opposite of the ribbon. It is almost as small as an XLR connector.
Can be equalized in any direction, and gives its best on soprano and flute.
I used it on piano and regretted not having a pair.
Usually there is a waiting list, since the producer is a tiny company in Sweden that also makes an interesting preamp (in my wish list).

Currently I have both setup on my desk, and record everything on two different tracks. I seem to have found a position that does not give phase problems. I can easily balance the level of the two microphones to have different sounds.
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Thank you for that. I don't need any more microphones, but Nohype had an accessory on special offer which will make one of my regular recording gigs just a little bit simpler.

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