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Andante cantabile

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My new Phil Barone tenor (described elsewhere in this forum) came with a no-name mouthpiece. I ignored it it at first, but about three weeks ago I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be surprisingly good for my purposes anyway.

It resembles the Yamaha C6 (perhaps even the C7) closely, but I haven't made any detailed comparison. I have to play it with a Rico #2 or Fibracell Soft. Normally I prefer a more narrow tip opening, and then I use a Rico Royal #2.5. I only play classical music.

I wouldn't recommend the purchase of a no-name mouthpiece, but there seem to be some good ones out there.

Andante cantabile

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You certainly have a point a replacement for a no-name mouthpiece being hard to track down. Whether they wear down more quickly than others I do not know.

I suppose that in the short term breakage is the main problem why an otherwise suitable mouthpiece would have to be replaced. Dropping one on a hard floor is bound to have an effect. I have seen pictures of mouthpieces that appeared to have their end chewed off. I assume that this is a longer-term effect.

I hazard to guess, however, that a change to another saxophone may be a more frequent cause of mouthpiece changes, and then it is quite possible that something different will do the job better.


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Nowhere to be found ...

My Only gripe is that because they are often made of cheap plastic they wear quickly and can`t be replaced as you have no Brand to hunt down.
Have you tried to get a replacement here:

The Store with No-Name
Unknown Street
Hidden City

Tel: 0000 000 0000


PS good Luck with your search ... >:)
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